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About Me

🌟✨ Introducing the Game-Changer in Healthcare Insurance 🚀👩‍💼: With an epic 8-year journey through the maze of Medicare Advantage and HIPAA compliance, I've not just walked the walk—I've blazed a trail. 🌈

🔍 From the get-go, starting in Client Support, scaling up to the zeniths of Project Management, and shining as a Training Specialist, my path has been nothing short of a leadership odyssey. Think of it as a Spotify playlist of hits in adaptability, innovation, and operational wizardry. 🎵📈

💡 Under my watch, operational training isn't just improved; it's transformed. Stakeholder meetups? More like summit meetings where excellence is the only agenda. And product launches? They're not just on target; they redefine success. 🎯

📘 Dive deeper, and you'll uncover a treasure trove of skills in quality assurance, technical wizardry, and networking finesse that's second to none. My commitment to never-ending improvement is backed by Agile and PMP® badges of honor. 🏅📚

🌍 In a universe filled with talent, my experiences shine like a constellation of standout achievements. If you're on the hunt for someone to catapult your team to the stratosphere of results, buckle up—you've found your unicorn.🦄 💼

Analytical Skills, SQL, Data Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Agile, Methodologies, Finance, Requirements Gathering, Business Process, Business Requirements, Business Process Improvement, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), Software Development, Analytics


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